Monday, November 16, 2009

Outdoor Destination Wish List: 2010

The Outdoor places I want to visit, hike, see or just experience by the end of 2010. No particular order ~

(This post has been edited with follow-up notations)

· Yosemite NP: Half Dome and Glacier Point (Sentinel Dome)
It is here I want to once again feel a waterfall push the air across the Mist Trail before dawn. The ache in my legs and lungs brushed aside as I contemplate the power not seen; only heard as we climb ever higher.
(Didn't make it to Yosemite in 2010. Aiming now for 2011.)

· Zion NP: Walk the full length of The Narrows
At this point, I think I’ve walked all of the trails in the canyon, even a portion of the Narrows but only near the Temple of Shinawava. It is upstream I wish to see and bare witness to the beauty wrought over millennia. Those who have touched the canyon walls there are few indeed.
(Done and in spectacular fashion.)

· Valley of Fire, NV: Check it out from top to bottom
A new place to explore, perhaps with friends who live in the Vegas area. It looks absolutely fabulous from the photos.
(Moved to 2011 list.)

· Joshua Tree NP: It's all good
The closest NP to home, it is truly a special place in terms of beauty and personal history.
(Visited twice, enjoyed greatly.)

· Portland, OR: Gorge and/or Mt. Hood treks
The main draw is the extended family living there now. But to see so much green at every turn is a treat in itself.
(Done and listed again for 2011, 2012, 2013, etc.)

· Superstition Mtns, AZ: "The Wave"
Not so easy to find, almost a hidden slot canyon that is unlike any place on earth. I’ve only seen photos of the rocks as well as how to get there. Still, it might be a challenge to actually see it in cool weather.
(Very real possibility for 2011.)

· Prescott, AZ: Peavine Trail
I want to share this sweet walk with my sweetheart. For an “urban” trail, it gets NO better from a visual perspective.

· Saguaro NP, AZ:
Rather short trails, I think…but beautiful in so many ways. I want this for my birthday.
(Maybe 2011...not sure if this can fit into the current travel schedule.)

· Hidden Springs and The Grottos, Mecca Hills
Want to hike this as a backpack trip with my sis and my brother. We enjoyed this unique place as youngsters where it took hold of my imagination and never let go. I found some recent photos of it and the thrill of it all came rushing back.
(Visited twice in 2010. Very nice, indeed.)

· Anza Borrego Desert, CA:
I’ve only been a couple of times and enjoyed it…but I know there is much more to appreciate out there.
(Moved to Spring, 2011.)

· Daley Ranch – Entire Loop
I walked the entire thing solo this year. It took all day but I want to do it again, only a bit faster and with less pain the next day.
(Done and visited several times in 2010.)

More to come, I am sure.