Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 more things at 61

It was one year from yesterday that I posted a few observations of things I've learned in 60 years on this warming rock when I wrote "30 things at 60". Make no mistake that this short piece was attempting to reflect the broad wisdom and insight gained in that time but more of a reflection of how much I did not understand and how much more I wanted to learn.

I reviewed the list and it still applies in most ways, but since then I have a few more that I wish to add. Today I begin my 61st year and I am grateful and surprised by it all. When you're even 40, it's very difficult to imagine what one will feel like at this age. In truth, I feel very much the same though I might tire more readily physically or have more patience for some people (all the while having MUCH less for others) but certainly appreciate minute moments and small but singular events a great deal more.

With that, here's an addendum to the original 30 things.

5 more things at 61

31. Fans of televised professional sports are just as nerdy as comic book, Star Trek or Hogwarts nerds. Professional sports are based on imagined reality just as much as the exploits of Captain Kirk or H. Potter. The passion, nuanced data gathering and loyalty of each type of fan is very similar in depth and dedication. However, I've yet to hear of riots or police cars being overturned and burned because Spock was killed off.

32. We can learn much from nature and being in its presence is more important that we can imagine. Getting to nature and being open and wise enough to listen to its message does take effort, but worth it.

33. Forever seeking and questioning and pondering the presence of God or a higher power without expecting to actually gaining understanding is a noble endeavor. Hopeful belief is not an unreasonable position to take in such matters.

34. Telling those you love that you do is so vital to maintaining relationships and connections it cannot be overstated. One must give love to receive love.

35. Make everyday count. Each day should contain at least one thing that sets it apart from yesterday. We are given such damned few days on this melting rock that to waste even one is unforgivable.

That's all for now. Thank you, my friends for putting up with the waxing didactic of a man who is appreciative of each of you beyond words. I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a blessed life, but perhaps realizing that is part of the answer.

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