Tuesday, September 16, 2008

POEM: Tapestry

I get a fair amount of requests for copies of this every time I recite it during my classes. Posting it here instead of having to write it out or pass it out, etc.

There is an exchange of ideas that occurs during any shared creative endeavor and when it really works it is almost magical.


I sense in the dark distance
the tapestry of a woven thought.

Unraveling each strand apart
the weave of a foreign synapse wrought.

To discover…
to uncover…

to finally feel
to completely reveal
inspiration that was not mine.

Along threads of blue, cold light
my mind now in wondrous flight,
seeking another

whose eyes see
as I see

and believing in what
cannot be.

As the tableau takes shape,
it is an embrace with no escape,

as our minds, soul and memory
forever entwine.

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