Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trekking In Sanctuary

NOTE: This post is almost a year old, but wanted to move it over to this blog. Saving the other blog for more art or craft-centric stuff.
Thanks for understanding.

About a month ago, I returned from a hiking trip to Zion National Park. The trip was proposed several months ago by some friends at work with the idea of doing some hiking and camping in and around the park.

Not having hiked with any regularity for many years, I was a bit concerned that my older bones and extra poundage would be a hindrance to the enjoyment of the other, younger and fitter pals. But the idea of seeing a place I hadn’t explored much at all, only viewed from a car window or motorcycle saddle appealed to me.

Plus, I needed to lose some inches and this seemed like a good time to start. So I began to hike more often and the first several “day-afters” were significant reminders of how much I needed to be doing this.

An early morning departure allowed us to arrive in the early afternoon. After a celebratory Guinness, we mounted the park shuttle and set off on our first trek. It was then that I began to understand that this trip was greatly needed. In early retrospection, I do believe that the trip had a profound effect on me.

Zion is a special place. It is perhaps a holy place. Zion, “the place of refuge” holds a power that is probably impossible to fully describe but is easy to completely feel, all the way to the bottom of one’s soul.

Zion can be a place to hold personal and a place to share with loved and cared for ones. Connections are strengthened, bonds are forged more tightly when the silent canyons, talking leaves and singing river are witnessed together.

I feel privileged to have come to this place, even if has been later in life. I will return and I will share this wondrous place and forge the connections that can be made here.

To my amazing friends who brought me this time, I thank you.

Gary, thank you for giving us a bit of insight into your love of the canyons, trails and trees, which also gave us a bit of insight into your own self.

Thank you, Ian, for your calm patience, support and displays of what a real friend is. Your mere presence and quick laughter colored the days with true spirit.

And thank you, dear Tricia, for your sweet ways, easy smile and open hearted displays of the many ways that life excites you.

I love you all.

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