Saturday, January 10, 2009

Waiting for Spring; Time for a Poem

NOTE: A post from last spring, moved over to this blog. I'll hammer one out in time for this spring.

The other day, I noticed it wasn't completely dark at 5:00 PM. During a particularly wondrous setting sun event last week, I remembered that Spring keeps its promise to always come around to bring some green. I suppose there are some things you can depend on in this life besides taxes and death.

I wrote this poem some time ago. It's time to dust it off as the sun sets a little bit later each day.

(cue: G. Harrison "Here Comes the Sun")


Cold, hard reminders of winter’s grip
fail to halt the promise of Spring.

Chilled nights, early sunrises prepare
for the life giving thaw.

And I breathe deeply, drinking in
the warming air.

Young children, flower buds of
humanity play, squeal in delight
and wonder.

Magical season, with each visit I ponder
and realize,

This is the beginning of the New Year.

Sure, we have plenty of winter left, but it's still nice to know its ticket is just about to be punched.

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